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Wealth Mentality vs. Lack Mentality: Part I of II
by Jay Salvati


Have you ever noticed the difference between how wealthy individuals and "not-so-wealthy" individuals think?


I mean...think about it, do you think a guy with a 10 million dollar bank account cares that gas prices are going high? Hell no, this man probably has multiple investments in oil companies to begin with.


Anyone with a net worth exceeding 6 figures most likely has either a high income, a frugal lifestyle, or both. This fact alone means that they are not concerned with the lack of money. High net worth individuals are focused on making, saving and multiplying money.


Now, can you say the same thing for yourself? Below I have depicted an illustration showing the general differences in thinking habits when comparing people who have the wealth mentality vs. those who have the lack mentality.



Which side of the above illustration contains more of your type of thinking?


Chances are, you sway from side to side at times. No matter, we are going to discuss a few of the differences above and conclude with a simple step that will enable you to think like the wealth machine you are meant to be.



1. focus on net worth

At the highest level of the wealth mentality, net worth is the underlying motivation of all wealth builders.


Net worth is the foundational measure by which all millionaires, billionaires, and the soon to join their ranks think.


Don't get confused by the movie start lifestyle so forcefully depicted in reality T.V. shows and movies. Those lifestyles are far and few between and usually end somewhere between drug addiction and bankruptcy.


More recently, you have seen many people who live the high life of loose pockets and easy money come to an end. Simply put, if you are spending large amounts of money with disregard to how you can earn even larger amounts than you spend back...you will eventually meet your folly.


It may not be now..it may not be 5 years from now...but if you love spending money more than earning or multiplying it, you will eventually lose your wealth.


Therefore, if you wish to become wealthy in anything, your focus should be on surplus and the net value of that surplus. This method has worked for many self-made millionaires and billionaires and it will work for you just the same.



2. have specific goals

Having a goal is not enough.


A specific goal with a specific blueprint is required for the wealth mentality. A goal in itself never guarantees success or the precursor to success...ACTION.


Yes, action my friends is the single characteristic that EVERY self-made success displays. Every other attribute is debatable...but not action. Action is the main vehicle that everyone taking the wealth mentality express is riding in.


So, what does this have to do with having a specific goal? Your specific goal is the destination you wish to arrive at. Your starting point is your current place in time...right now...reading this article. Action? Action is everything between those two points.


Without these three ingredients you don't have a recipe for success or the wealth mentality.


Thus, the reason for having a SPECIFIC goal is because the depth and detail of that goal will determine the type and amount of action you will take when you remind yourself of that goal.



3. have a definite purpose

One question. Is your work your purpose?


Ask yourself, is your current method of earning wealth your purpose? Do you feel like you were meant to do what it is you are doing right now? If not, then you need to find that definite purpose and focus 100% on whatever it is.


Only when you have found this single, definite purpose will you be able to pour your heart and your strength into that area. Sadly, not too many people can answer this question for 2 main reasons.


The first reason, is simply because many people never stop and ask themselves what it is that truly makes them happy. Without this self-exploration, it's impossible to truly know what can make you happy. And when you aren't sure about what makes you happy, you will surely have difficulty in knowing what your purpose is.


Without these three ingredients you don't have a recipe for success or the wealth mentality.


Thus, the reason for having a SPECIFIC goal is because the depth and detail of that goal will determine the type and amount of action you will take when you remind yourself of that goal.



4. make your destiny

Never believe that your predetermined for something.


No matter what your religion teaches, you have to know that YOU are in control of pretty much everything that happens in your life that is not considered an "act of God".


Yes, there are instances in life that are completely out of your control. However, when it comes to being the architect of your long-term life print, you...and ONLY YOU, will be able to direct energy to that path.


You see, most people are thermometers. They react to life and everything that life throws at them. You can tell if they are having a good day just by looking at their face being they are giving in to the reality that surrounds them.


Instead, people with the wealth mentality are thermostats. They set the tempo of life and they construct their own futures for success. While few people exhibit this mindset, most who do are either very successful or on their way to success in whatever area they choose to direct their energy and efforts.


In Part II we will discuss further attributes seen in those possessing the wealth mentality.



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