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Want To Gain Fat As Fast As Possible?
by Jay Salvati


Ever wonder which foods are responsible for packing on the lard? As a trainer, I am always amazed at how little the majority of people know about the foods they consume on a daily basis. However, their lack of knowledge is partly due to the endless "garbage" that most nutritionists and fitness gurus tout as being the latest greatest information. My frustrations eventually led me to start this site. Without further delay, here are the Top 5 Fat producers of all time:




First place goes to this 150-calorie wonder. Soda is single-handedly making America's youth fatter and fatter and it looks as if most other competition is getting wasted, literally.


Besides supplying 10 tablespoons of sugar and about 50mg of caffeine, soda also supplies your entire artificial-coloring and health-sabotage needs. While leeching your bones and teeth of calcium and magnesium, this lovely contestant will also contribute to tooth decay and bad breath. Sounds like a winner!




Doughnuts get their own category because they are so dangerous to your physique and health. They are, essentially, fried sugar. Most doughnuts contain 35 - 40% trans fat, which is the fastest way to induce atherosclerosis (eventually leading to cardiovascular disease).


To boot, these guys will give you 150-300 calories of high-glycemic carbohydrates, which will do a lot for attaining diabetic status. If there was a pill to make you fat, it would look like a doughnut and get washed down with soda.



various breads

This is yet another carbohydrate guaranteed to stock massive amounts of body fat to your frame. The big downfall with breads and other carbohydrates is the insulin release that accompanies the ingestion of them. Insulin and growth hormone are opposites in effect, and consumption of carbohydrates inhibits growth hormone release.


The reason why growth hormone is an important factor in burning fat is that it stimulates lipolysis, or the mobilization of fatty tissue into fatty acids. This mobilization reduces your fat stores and allows the fatty acids to be used in your body for construction. Therefore, eating carbohydrates found in this "dead" food will not only make you gain fat, but will keep you from burning the fat you have already gained! Talk about sabotage.



anything fried

This category is for the people who say to themselves, "Everyone needs a little fat" as they sit to consume a pound of fried chicken. You my friend, need no more fat than what can be consumed through proper nutrition and supplementation. Fried foods contain very large amounts of trans fatty acids, and NO ONE NEEDS THEM.


Trans fatty acids are solid at body temperature and greatly increase your chances of coronary issues because they have a very high ability to cling to the insides of arteries. Beyond the health risks directly associated with the cardiovascular system, trans fat is also hard to mobilize which makes burning it off as a source of energy very difficult. Bottom Line: Trans fats will make you fat and unhealthy at alarming rates and even kill you in the long run.




Now that we've frightened you into getting some attention, listen up. No matter what your chips are made of (ie: corn, tortilla, potato, etc.), they probably contain a high amount of trans fat, salt, and carcinogens. At the very least, they are highly processed which means they are not part of any fat burning diet.


Chips also fit into the destructive category of low nutrient density, along with the 4 previously mentioned foods. Low nutrient density will ensure that your health is being compromised in some way, shape or form. Generally, the higher calorie foods contain less nutrients, whereas, the high nutrient foods contain a low amount of calories.


Unfortunately, most people will never do anything about the food they eat until the health consequences become overwhelming and their physique is too far-gone. Now, the discipline it takes to change their body is long gone and they turn to surgical procedures, which may make the situation more complicated and expensive. There is no substitute for taking care of your body; always keep that in mind.


"One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."
-Benjamin Disraeli



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